The graphical analysis of RTX effects in QUAKE 2, a huge graphical shift in everything!

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Do you know when Quake 2 was released?
The game was released in 1997, 30 years ago! Thirty years ?! What might prompt someone to write about game fees that have been released for over a quarter of a century ?!

The answer is amateur modifications! A group of independent developers have redeveloped the lighting system in the game using the modern Vulkan Library! But they did not just do so, but increased the support of the game to the technology of tracing Ray Raycing based on the technology of RTX provided by NVIDIA to the library Vulkan!

The result is an immediate shift in the level of the game fee, from thirty years old fees to full modern charges at the best level of fees currently available, and even better in many respects.

The amazing thing is that the game is now fully activated by tracking rays! Yes, in full! All the lighting, shadows and reflections work by tracking the rays, the game does not contain only one part of the tracking of radiation, reflections just as it is in Battlefield 5 .. But all parts of the drawings are tracking the rays.

The result is realistic lighting from all sources of light, every possible source of light emitted by real light, even if the sky .. The shadows are very smooth and completely interactive and produced from any light source no matter how small size .. The reflections happened and nothing is wrong, they reflect all Nothing and nothing!

We will review all of these effects part-by-side, the footage was recorded from the game using the RTX 2080 card and using ShadowPlay on the 1440p resolution and the performance ranges from 40 to 50fps without Shadow Play and less with its use, as in the pictures.

To start with the lights and shadows, the player walks in the game with a weapon that releases bursts of yellow energy, which acts as a true source of light, illuminates everything and casts soft shadows on everything. The precedent is the initial in any game!

The yellow energy shot produces light as a result of its collision with the broken board on the ground, and the light reflects the shadow on the remains of the board.

More light and shadows resulting from the pistol shot and collide with the lamp on the wall ..

More light and shadows from the pistol shot ..

The energy shot goes up to the dark interior with a bright light.

The light of the gun lights the place darkens the light and reflects the shadows around it, and reflect the light on the weapon itself ..

The fire itself has a soft shadow on the ground from the lamp on the wall, it and all the fragments on the ground!

The shot lights up any dark place with a full bright light and real ..

And its lighting interferes with the lighting of the red lamp to the right in a natural mix ..

These are not mirror lamps at the end of the corridor, but real lamps produce a real light reflected on the ceiling and floor in a precise manner, and the illumination of the energy shot in the middle mixes accurately with the lighting of red lights and reflected on the floor accurately ..

More precise mixing between the lighting of the energy shot and the lighting of the wall lamps, and the lamp acquires a shadow on the left is printed on the light output of light energy shot

The energy shot The wall cavity is illuminated by a light that is a mixture of its own light and the light of the sky above it .. And the sky lights up the whole place in a natural color spread ..


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No previous game has ever provided interactive lighting with soft, interactive shades of missiles such as bullets, rockets and power spills, but the Quake 2 game, which was released 30 years ago, That is the power of tracking the real rays.

But all the explosions in the game, whether rockets or bombs or explosive boxes produce a bright light brightens all around the blast, and produces realistic shadows on anything .. The light and shadows are completely interactive dynamic .. There is nothing recorded or abbreviated In them, the credit for that is to trace the rays.

Even explosions result in a bright light reflected on everything, and creates shadows on everything around it, see the shadow of the weapon at the hands of the hero, and look at the shadow of the lamp to the right.

The explosion behind the enemy generates a soft shadow in front of him ..

Quiet scenery and lighting comes from window openings to the right

Same scene but with an explosion in the middle! Now the whole room is lit by the light of the bright explosion, which casts shadows on everything around it, on the sandwiches to the right, on the enemy in the middle of the picture, on the upper platform to the left .. And the shadows are all smooth and accurate ..

The shadows on the weapon are soft, the light is distributed naturally and the weapons are painted in red for lighting ..

The shadows on the gun are soft, and the player’s hand as well, the light is distributed naturally, the weapon and the hand of the player are painted in yellow for lighting ..

The shadows on the weapon are soft, the light is naturally saturated and the weapons are painted white for light.

The reflections in the game are complete, reflecting everything up to the sky and the rooftops, even lighting the yellow energy shot to the left .. and the enemy who fired ..

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More accurate reflections ..

Picture the full reflections pool with blasts with natural sky lighting in one shot, total light is a harmonious combination of lighting each element .. The result is amazing to the extreme!

Thanks to the light-tracking of the radiation, the game fee is professional, like a relatively old CGI recorder, the characters are lit by smooth, naturally lit, smooth shadows and completely interactive.

The character of the enemy is exposed to soft light and soft shadow.

What happened to the Quake 2 by tracking the rays to the order we had imagined in the past scientific imagination may occur in the near future .. Now this imagination has become a reality that we can play and interact with them smoothly, now light and shadow and reflection can be produced all in one shot real and accurate by tracking the rays One graphic card!

We have talked a lot about the importance of ray tracking technology and the importance of speeding it up with NVIDIA’s RTX technology. Here we are witnessing the initial fruits of this endeavor, a game that has completely changed its graphics for what is dramatically better with simple modifications to the game engine from the developer!

The possibilities of this technique are endless! Now we can imagine a set of modifications to other old and classic games such as Half Life, Max Payne, Elder Scrolls, Doom and others, all of them working on radiation tracking, and living life in their antique drawings all of a sudden! We can expect that this will be immeasurably glorious and dazzling. We look forward to the day when this will be achieved in order to enjoy the graphics of these games in a modern and futuristic fashion. The revolution of radiation tracking has begun and can only spread more and more today.

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