Learn about the features of the first version of the upcoming Android Android update

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While most Android users are looking for an Android Pie update to their phones, Google is working on launching the first versions of the upcoming Android Android Q update. Some developers got the initial version of the update on Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Of the system, according to XDA Developers.
According to the developers of the site, the version they obtained is a very primitive version where they abandoned any Google applications for the system and does not contain any modification of the interface is similar to the interface Google phones Pixel.

Black style in all order


Until now, the black style of Android is limited to the availability of some companies’ mobile phones without support from Google except in some applications such as YouTube, Google Contacts, Google News, Google Play Games and Messages without any support for system or system applications.
Fortunately, Google finally decided to support the black mode in the system in general. There is an option in the screen settings called Set Dark Mode, which makes the black mode inside the settings, the interface, the file browser, the sound window, the quick settings and even the bar and the notifications list. Which comes from other applications. The black mode works automatically by time (day / night) or continuously as desired by the user.
Google also provided a feature in developer options that allows the user to enforce black mode even in applications that are not supported by Override Force Dark.

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Development of powers


If you think the Android Pie update offers you many privacy solutions, you should wait for the Android Q update, which has more control over the powers you give to apps, as well as the ability to keep track of them and set them up at times. For example, you can activate the location only if the applications are running. For example, Facebook will not be able to determine your location if you are not using it and it will not be able to access the files on your phone such as cookies as it currently does during Its work in the background because its validity to access the files will be inactive.
The Android Q powers settings will contain a custom window with a log of all the permissions used by the apps that were running in the background or you were using them.
The interface style of the computer
Samsung and Huawei provide us with a style for the computer interface. By connecting some of their phones to any screen, the phone displays an interface similar to the Samsung Dex and Huawei Easy Projection. The current version of Android Q contains a command similar to the Force Desktop Mode, which the system describes as providing a similar experience to the computer interface on a second screen, but by connecting the phone to the screen through USB-C to HDMI nothing happened as it seems that this property is still in Stages.

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Developer Options

Android Q updates a large number of new features that will be present in Developer Options or Developer Options. The first of these features is the last thing we mentioned is the computer interface, which is located within the developer options, not the phone settings. One of the new features is also a virtual screen recorder inside the system which provides several options to control the accuracy of photography and sound control, and can use the screen recorder by activating the property of the developer options and then press down on the good screenShot that appears when you press the screen lock button.

There’s also the ability to select an image to appear in Always On Display, a feature already on my Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, but it seems to be setting its way in a virtual way.

The developers’ settings have more options than the ones we mentioned, but many are just the same name. When they are activated, there is no change because we are dealing with a primitive version of the system and the options are the option of selecting the game graphical processor which is not yet clear what we can use Because all phones come with a graphical processor integrated with the central processor in one chip.

Accessibility settings

The Accessibility settings have two new features, Time To Take Action and Time to Read. The first allows you to specify the time needed to make a decision in the on-screen messages and the second is often associated with the appearance of messages on the screen and the time it will appear at the top of the screen before disappearing.

Some other features
There is a new feature in the Quick Settings menu called Sensors Off which is similar to flight mode but it closes all sensors such as Gyroscope, Light Sensor and other sensors but so far it is not known what the difference between them and flight mode.
The system’s default file browser now supports filtering files by type: pictures, files, audio files, video etc ….
The screen lock has two modes of updating the previous patterns, the first style known as smart lock has enabled the ability to keep the phone awake when locking its screens as long as connected to a reliable device. The second mode is the traditional mode, which is the one that locks the screen when moving away from the reliable device.
The app install screen outside the Google Store no longer occupies the entire screen but has become a window for notifications window
What do you think of the next Android Android features?


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