Learn about the all-new features in Android P

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Android receives a large share of intelligence and simplicity at the same time 3 beta versions of Android have been launched so far the second was in June, the third was In July, however, the main update is not a long way off. According to Google, the official version will come in August, so we have not found a better time than now to tell you what we know about Android P, and we started by mentioning its date and simple description. To talk more about it.

So far, Android P is likely to come in the name of Pistachio, meaning pistachio, and usually the outlook just a few weeks ahead is correct, but here we are waiting, although pistachio is not a sweetie but it is the most likely name so far, The system on large and large updates may be larger than the ones we saw in Oroyo compared to Noga, but what are these updates?

What’s new in Android P?

It is known that any operating system must be smart, it is obvious, but it is clear that the dose of intelligence obtained by Android P was great and in place also, as the system has become smarter and thus make the devices that will work smarter and more effective, and this brings us To talk about artificial intelligence in Android P, which is one of the most important updates:

Artificial intelligence in Android P

The development of artificial intelligence in Android P has been on more than one side. The first – and perhaps most important – is energy management and battery life conservation, a feature called adaptive battery. Artificial intelligence will be adapted in this regard through the so-called machine learning This means that the phone will learn from your use and will understand what applications are running continuously. Which applications should run in the background and manage the applications in this way. We may get this feature from a third party application, but when it comes from the same operating system and using Artificial Intelligence will be much better and more Staqrara.

It is not only the battery that will adapt to the way you use it, but the brightness as well. The lighting will be adjusted based on your environment and your personal preferences, and here it will differ from the usual Auto Brightness because it will work with artificial intelligence. On the AMOLED screens of course, it will fit everyone.

App Actions and Slices

The new Android will come with two features that will appear for the first time and will depend on how they work on the Google Search application. Google’s application is known to enable access to files on your device and contacts. Other applications only from LAL Search? This is the concept of the two new features.

Slices will allow you to browse parts of the application related to the search. For example, if you are outside the home and write the word Lyft or Uber in Google search, the application will show you options related to the situation. In our example, the app will show you the distance from your place to the home and the distance that separates you from the nearest Driver, and App Actions show you the things related to the word you are looking for in other applications, for example – as in the picture – when you search for Infinity War you will find YouTube has entered and displayed you to see the announcement and so it is, the application is expected to be very large .

New Navigation Settings

Android P will get new settings to move between applications seamlessly, where we will first deprive the third of the main buttons, the latest, the Home and get a new navigation system based on Gures or Emails .. Yes, like iPhone X as you think, and will The new format is a single button that you can drag up to see the favorite applications beside Cards from other applications, another drag to see all applications and you can drag it to the right to see the applications already open, the final image is not selected yet, but generally not all users will be pleased, but on the other hand You can turn this feature on or off Your freedom is complete, especially if your device has virtual buttons, not physical ones.

You can see this technique from the following video:

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