Is the 10YearChallenge Challenge a challenge for entertainment or for other purposes?

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Certainly, if you are a follower of social networking sites, especially Facebook in the last few days, I have certainly seen the 10YearChallenge challenge that has swept through the social networking sites where users have been publishing photos of them for 10 years. Their personal account pictures and their personal voice are often compared to their form and what they are right Now. The challenge quickly spread through a challenging period, notably the Bird Box Challenge and the Top Nine Photos of the Year Challenge, but this challenge has become more widespread and has attracted many celebrities around the world.

It may seem pleasant and enjoyable at first. You share your photos with your friends in the past and present. You see how much your change has changed and how strange our clothes have been for 10 years. Unfortunately, this may not be as pleasant and fun as you think. Social networking site.

On the other hand, we may find that the best way to develop artificial intelligence systems and face recognition and even predict your appearance after years, just imagine it is a clever system that actually combines everything that happens on the site and then find a fatty meal to feed on the most wonderful pictures of the same person but between two times How to be a database to develop facial recognition systems?

You may accuse me of exaggerating it and that we should not turn everything that is entertaining to a conspiracy aimed at stealing our data and converting our use of the site to a set of digital data feeds on Facebook, but in the opinion that those who think that such a challenge will pass on Facebook without the gains of fairy It is wrong, even if Facebook management does not stand behind it, but it will gain a lot of behind it and let me explain why.

At first you need to be aware that Facebook systems to identify the content of the images is very smart to tell you that if you are still using Facebook from your PC using the browser, you will notice in the event of weak Internet connection that the site notifies you what is in the images waiting to be It will appear in the blue line before loading the image that the picture contains one or two people, words, natural place or other labels placed by Facebook that you may notice in poor Internet connection.

The second point you should be aware of is that the Facebook face recognition system is feeding on everything that can be accessed. Since about a year ago, FaceBook has introduced Face Recognition, which will recognize you through your current personal profile photo, previous photos and photos of your friends, Facebook then uses your face, which you know, to let you know if some photos have been posted to you from other accounts or appear in a video. You can certainly disable this feature from your account settings, but think about the command slightly. Are not the images already available enough to recognize Facebook on your face if you have not done so without your permission just like sharing your personal messages with major companies.

Certainly after I told you about Facebook’s face recognition system, I understood why it was a heavy meal for the world’s largest networking site and I imagined how much data it would collect to improve it more and more. But what’s the problem with Facebook getting to know your face or having a picture of you after several years?

In fact, the problem is that knowing your face is like knowing your life. You can get rid of your smartphone, your personal accounts on your social networking sites, your car, even your name you can change, and it may look like millions of names around the world. An artificial intelligence system on your face means that any time you stand in front of a camera connected to this system you will recognize you, here in the opinion of the basic problem.

What ensures that Facebook will not sell that information to anyone else? As her current record is full of breakthroughs and selling details of her users’ lives to advertisers and perhaps others, what prevents them from sharing this system with others?

Think about it for a moment. Getting this system out of Facebook means that your life will be completely watched. Once you stand in front of the cameras, you will know about you and your whole life in seconds. Even if you do not stand in front of the cameras, on you. Your life will simply be monitored keeping in mind that we have not yet talked about the arrival of this system to government agencies and certainly you can imagine how it will be used.

In view of this tremendous progress in artificial intelligence users should be careful with everything they share on the Internet if the situation continues so we may reach a day that others can know what they want about you without your desire and without your consent and lose your ability to control your personal life.

What do you think of the 10YearChallenge challenge? Do you see that it is for fun or training for the Facebook system to recognize the face?
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