HW News – NVIDIA Integer Scaling, RDNA Whitepaper, & Intel Comet Lake – Gamers Nexus

HW News – NVIDIA Integer Scaling, RDNA Whitepaper, & Intel Comet Lake – Gamers Nexus

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Hardware news talks Intel Comet Lake, NVIDIA GamesCom updates, and AMD RDNA.

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There are a lot of great topics for hardware news this past week. Among those, we’re adding a quick note on how NVIDIA does its GPU temperature reporting (updated following AMD’s junction discussion), then talking Intel details on Comet Lake and other upcoming CPUs. NVIDIA has also added integer scaling now, following Intel’s addition of the scaling approach, and AMD is likely next (though yet unconfirmed). Further, CrossFire appears to be basically dead in a more official capacity, while NVIDIA’s CEO noted that you’d be “crazy” to buy anything without ray tracing hardware.

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