Highlights of the Samsung conference today to announce the Galaxy S10 phones and its folding phone Galaxy Fold

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The Samsung Unpacked Conference ended with the announcement of the new generation of Galaxy S phones, which are witnessing the new generation 10 years on the first phones series along with a large number of other devices and wonderful, which we will show you in the following lines.

Samsung Folding Foldable

Samsung began its conference in contrast to the expected announcement of its folding phone, which will be called Galaxy Fold to open a new market of smart devices may change this market forever. The phone finally appeared after the initial announcement that appeared at the developer’s conference last November. The Galaxy Fold or Samsung fold-out phone comes with a 4.7-inch screen in the phone’s position and a larger 7.3-inch screen and 6 cameras all over the phone that will be distributed as three rear cameras, two front-facing cameras in tablet mode and one front-facing camera on the phone 4.7 inches.

With the phone working in two situations it would be very difficult to put the fingerprint sensor in one place. The phone is used in two modes and is pushing Samsung to rely on a side-impression sensor. Galaxy Fold will work with a 7-nm Samsung processor that has not been announced – and 12 GB of RAM to support the highest specification currently available, as well as support for the fifth Generation 5G communications. Samsung has announced that its new device will be available starting next April at a price starting from 1980 USD.

4 new Galaxy S10 phones
This year, Samsung decided to expand the number of devices provided by the Galaxy S series to include the leading series 4 different devices of the Galaxy S10 each distinct in its own way. The Galaxy S10 Plus is the basic version of the phone, the Galaxy S10 Plus, a large version of the phone and a dual front camera, the Galaxy S10e is the economic version of the phone with all the features of the basic version but the smallest size and a back camera and some minor differences and finally the fourth phone Galaxy S10 5G Which is a special version of the phone not only to support the fifth generation of communications 5G, but because it is different from the rest of the phones in many other characteristics that make them distinct from them. Here are the four features and features of the four phones.

New screen and new design

The Galaxy S10 comes with the Infinity-O, the world’s first phone with an OLED screen-shaped camera. Samsung also said that this generation of OLEDs is more sophisticated than previous generations to be called Dynamic Amoled instead of Super Amoled. It also said that it has integrated many of its sensors into the screen to keep only the front camera on the hole in the top left of the phone but has not combined these sensors particulary.

Integrated fingerprint sensor under screen

The phones are also the first in the world that comes with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor instead of the optical sensors used in other phones that support this new technology, which will ensure the company’s description of greater accuracy in the identification and verification of fingerprint and high response speed when compared with other phones .

Great attention to the camera

As all the developers of the top-class phones, Samsung has been interested in the development of its new phone camera. This year it adopted a three-way back camera without any variable-sized lenses. The first lens will be a standard lens with a 77-degree angle and a 12-megapixel resolution. The second lens will be 12 megapixel, but Telephoto. The third camera will be 16 megapixel wide-angle or wide-angle viewing up to 123 degrees to be similar to the angle of view of the human eye. With the rise of artificial intelligence in cameras, Samsung has decided to support its buzz with an intelligent processing system that supports more than 30 different picture scenarios for better processing.

Samsung’s interest in the camera extended further, providing a special version of the Adobe Premier application for the phone and a special addition to the phone’s camera called Instagram Mode, which will allow you to use all the features of the application’s camera with effects and add-ons through the phone camera application and share it in seconds. Samsung is also interested in partnering with Line, Snapchat and Snow to support the full use of the phone’s camera to ensure the best picture through these applications.


Specifications of phones

This year was somewhat different in terms of phone specifications, where Samsung did not care to announce the name of processors or the size of internal storage space, the size of the random memory and just talk about the size of the phone battery, which will be 3100 mA for the S10e phone and 3400 mA for the phone S10 and 4100 M6 for the S10 + with the mention of developing a better power management system and supporting reverse wireless charging as in the Mate 20 Pro. This may be because we know all the specifications in advance of the official announcement and it is not the highlight of this year, but in any case follow our coverage as we will give you all the details about the phone’s features and new specifications.

Galaxy S10 5G

Samsung decided to be the Galaxy S10 phones are the gateway to enter the world of the fifth generation of communications 5G This was through the special version of the phone, which will come as the Galaxy S10 5G, which will differ significantly from the other three versions of the phone. In the first screen, this version will be 6.7 inches and the phone will also have a fourth TOF back camera with support for a larger 4500 mA battery and higher versions of internal storage and RAM.

New smart headphones

Samsung today announced as part of its new devices the new Galaxy Buds developed through AKG owned. The speakers will have 2 microphone with noise isolation support and a large battery that lasts up to 5 hours of continuous calls and 6 hours of watching movies and video clips. The new speakers will be available in three colors – white, black and yellow – and will be available from March 8.

Two smart hours

Samsung ended its new devices with two new smart watches, namely the Galaxy Watch Active watch and Galaxy Fit. The first hour is more for athletes, but both hours support pulse measurement, body condition, ability to track various sports activities, sleep tracking and condition, water resistance and dust.

These were the ads of the Samsung conference today to announce the new Galaxy S10 and its folding phone next to both its smart watch and its new wireless headset. Follow us on our topics below for more details about each phone’s specifications and new features.

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