All you want to know about the USB-C port: between the port module, multitasking and different connections

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I’ve noticed the spread of the USB-C port in many devices around you from smart phones to new laptops and tablets, even TVs and external storage drives where companies are speeding up one by one to support their devices for this port for its great evolution drives the devices a step forward Given his many abilities. This port is capable of delivering power, high speed data transfer, image and sound transmission, and is not limited to specific companies such as Apple’s Lightning.

With many uses and spread of this port, many still do not know what is its power and what distinguishes it from the previous versions of USB, and the idea that as long as the port one can use any link in the completion of your purpose is still widespread among many is a far-right idea. So we decided today to answer all your questions about the USB-C port and what it offers of new technology and what is the difference between different connections.

What is a USB-C port?
The USB-C port in 2014 is the latest port provided by the USB Implementers Forum or the USB Port Forum, a huge pool of more than 700 technology companies led by Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Dell, HP and Samsung to be a substitute for many different ports that We use it in our daily lives, and it is accredited by this huge forum and recognized by its member companies, which made it widespread and identical in the products of different companies.

Unlike its performance and functions, which we will talk about later, the port is characterized by its small size compared to previous generations and also supports the technology of USB 3.1 and USB 3.2 in the transfer of data and is characterized by symmetry of two aspects, which facilitates the installation process compared to all previous generations and the links are often similar in both ways USC-C to USB-C instead of Micro USB to USB).

What functions can a USB-C port do?
The port, like previous generations of USB, is capable of transmitting data but is supported by USB 3.1 and USB 3.2, which have data transfer speeds of 10 to 20 Gbps (1.25 to 2.5 Gbps).

This port can also be used for power delivery as it is able to connect a current up to 5A / 20V which is enough to operate and charge most of the electronic devices we use now, such as smartphones and laptops.
The USB-C also features the ability to transmit audio and video at high resolution, making it the best alternative to HDMI port and 3.5 mm.
Support for Thunderbolt technology
Can one port perform all of these tasks in one device?

Answer Yes. For example, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro only contains a USB-C port. This port can be used to charge the phone, turn on the speakers, transfer the image, and certainly transfer the data.

Can we use one link to perform all USB-C tasks on different devices?
The answer is no, and this point is often where many and many users that may damage the devices and we will explain to you below why the answer and no difference between different USB-C connections.

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What is the difference between different USB-C connectors?

The difference between USB-C connections is significant and varies substantially depending on the product used and the purpose of using the connection and depends mainly on the following factors:

Data transfer: As mentioned above, the USB-C port supports the latest USB technology and high speed data transmission, but not all USB-C connectors support high speeds. The connection can work on USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB 3.1 or USB 3.2 The protocol used in the connection and the data transfer speed it supports may not be supported. The connection you use to transfer data from your smartphone is much slower than that that comes with external storage.
Data type: This particular point is limited when you use the USB-C connection in the audio and video transmission, where these links differ from other connectors in their manufacture because of their need for high efficiency to maintain the speed of audio or image transmission without delay from the source. Perhaps this is one of the most important reasons that may make you find some links do not support the final transfer of the image or voice due to lack of access to the quality required and high efficiency.
Power connection: The power of the pilot and the difference in voltage that can be reached by the USB-C link is the most important factor in the different links between each other as the link used to charge each device is different from the other even in smart phones, which does not require a large capacity for the process of shipment. So you need to check the amount of power that the connection can transmit as your use of the power link you carry is higher than your device needs, may damage the battery due to the faster charging than normal, the charging circuit is damaged, or the device may stop working.
Link and price: Certainly the USB-C link, which is available at $ 1, is not the same as $ 10, the difference is huge. The first difference is the connection’s adoption and compliance with the specifications specified for use, as well as containing it on the device protection part and responsible for stopping the connection from connecting any current If connected to a device that can not withstand the current through which it passes. The second difference is the link-making material. The cheap link would be of lower quality manufacturing material, which would not offer it to meet specifications or to be damaged quickly (Apple’s links are the only ones with a high price but low-quality, low-quality manufacturing materials).

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