All you need to know about the Samsung Foldable Galaxy Fold phone

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Samsung officially announced yesterday its Galaxy Fold phone immediately after the start of its conference to penetrate this new market strongly to put its first step before all competitors. Today, after talking to you in our previous topic about the most important  What came in the Samsung conference today To advertise the Galaxy S10 phones we will discuss with you today the specifications and features of the Samsung Foldable Galaxy Fold.

Screen and design

The new development of the Samsung phone is the design of the phone and its new and innovative way of working. The new phone comes with two basic parts, one phone and the other, which appear when you open the phone screen to get the phone and tablet experience in seconds. The small screen is 4.6 inches of Super Amoled HD + and the large screen is a 7.3-inch widescreen, but the new type of OLED screens developed by Samsung as Dynamic Amoled. The screen chalk comes more accurately 1536 x 2152 pixels by 414 pixels per inch and 16: 9 dimensions, which makes sense because the tablet is wide and not long.

Work the phone

Samsung said yesterday that it worked closely with Google to support the system for its folding phone as well as to develop its new interface One UI to accommodate this type of new devices. Samsung is not yet ready for compatibility with the device, something we saw on the Royole folding phone that appeared at CES last month.

Apart from the development of the interface and the system, the mechanism of telephone work is very complex. To the right of the phone is a fingerprint sensor, which makes sense because it is difficult to provide an independent sensor for each screen. When you skip the screen lock you will find a phone like any other phone through the small external screen will enable you to do all the tasks of the phone from communications, surfing the Internet and social networking sites, conversations and even games, but will definitely experience better with the opening of the phone and enjoy the largest screen size, It was not expected as clearly in front of you in the short video at the top.


Samsung was the first company to provide multi-window features in its phones that were available with the first Galaxy S series from 2013 before being supported by Android for years. In Galaxy Fold, Samsung went multi-tasked to a new level, running 3 applications simultaneously in a seamless experience. During the conference, YouTube, WattsApp and Google Search were tried on the same screen.

Specifications of Galaxy Fold

Well, certainly, with Samsung going to break into a new hardware market with a new innovation, this phone should be the strongest and the best in every way possible. Samsung said at its conference that it will supply the phone with a powerful 7-nanometer processor, which will most likely be the Snapdragon 855 processor, since the remaining time to launch the phone will not be enough to finish developing its processor of this precision. The handset is the first of its kind to support UFS 3.0 memory for the first time on a 512 GB smartphone. The phone will also be powered by 12 GB of RAM.

Sure, as you read the past lines and think about how the phone works, you might have thought of placing the battery in this phone. Placing a curved battery may still be impossible at this time, at least in the smart devices we have so far. Samsung responded by saying that the Galaxy Fold will have two separate batteries each in half of the two halves of the phone with a total capacity of 4380 mA.

6 Cameras in Galaxy Fold

The number of cameras in smartphones has increased significantly to 5 in some phones. Some see this as exaggerated, while others see it as evidence of the evolution of imaging systems in smartphones. In Galaxy Fold Samsung provided the phone with 6 cameras divided into a three-way back camera, a dual front camera in tablet mode and one front camera in the phone mode.

The rear-view camera is the same as the Galaxy S10. The first camera of the three is precisely 12 megapixel with a variable lens aperture between F / 1.5 and F / 2.4 with optical stabilizer support and a 77 degree vision angle. The second camera is the same 12 megapixel camera but Telephoto with 2x optical zoom, optical fixer and F / 2.4 lens slot. The third rear camera of the new phone is a wide-angle camera with a 123-degree viewfinder and an F / 2.2 lens.

Samsung provided the dual front camera with the same front camera settings for the Galaxy S10 Plus with a 10 megapixel camera, a F / 2.2 lens, 8 megapixel depth and isolation, and a F / 1.9 lens. The only front camera in the phone mode comes with the same basic camera settings in tablet mode.


The price of the Galaxy Fold when it was announced was a surprise for all. The phone starts at a price equal to the Galaxy S10 Plus’s low price, where Samsung decided to start the price of its folding phone Galaxy Fold starting from 1980 dollars. Yes, this is not the date or year this price of Samsung folding phone, the high price may be due to lack of competition so far and the great innovation, which is a symbol of the phone but in any case, the phone is high price even if the price is suitable for what it offers.

What do you think of the Samsung Fold Foldable Samsung? Will it be the beginning to change the smartphone market?

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