All about the future of smart phone chip chips ESIM .. What it is, its benefits and damages

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Since mobile phones have started to appear in the arena rather than wireless phones, we have become accustomed to working with one Etisalat service provider, the company we are subscribing to, to get a chip from them to put in our phones and continue to use them until we decide to move to a new company by changing the chip Also.

Whether it’s a GSM, SIM, or Micro SIM chip, it’s not much different. In the coming days, it may be radically different in how we use our phones and deal with telecommunications companies.

In this article, we will learn together about the future of mobile phone chips, the segment known as the eSIM chip.

Let’s get to know this promising new technology, which is already around us but not so widespread yet, but first, let’s take a quick look at the history of mobile phone chips.

GSM SIM card

You might have wondered before, if there were mini-SIM chips, did that mean that there were other larger size SIMs?

The answer is yes, the beginning of the mobile phone chips is a huge chip compared to what we have now, it was the size of credit cards and was named GSM-SIM, and we saw it for the first time on Motorola phones in 1991, and its task at the time is to send And receive calls only.

SIM is defined as a shortcut to the Subscriber Identifier Module or Subscriber Identification Form, because it works as an identifier by containing a unique number for the same subscriber that no one else has and which will become the number that you can communicate with, whether you put it in your phone, Others.

This segment continued to be present in all mobile phones at the time, and it lacked many features such as caller ID and text messaging, which we first saw in the Mini-SIM.


It first appeared in 1996 and was on the Nokia 6610, which was almost empty when it was first released in 1998. It was a boom in time for someone to recognize the caller’s number, with the possibility of registering contacts with their numbers To show you the name of the caller.

In addition, this chip has for the first time the ability to send and receive text messages, which has changed the concept of communication since then. Despite the high price of one minute call and one message, these phones were widely spread wildfire.

Micro-SIM chip

The long-lasting achievement of more than ten years was followed by the emergence of the micro-SIM chips, which we first saw on the iPhone 4 in 2010, although these chips did not make a big leap in size or features like the ones that preceded them, To reduce the amount of space consumed in the phone because of the relatively large mini-SIM, to take advantage of this space in other ways, including those provided by the iPhone 4 such as the camera and increase the capacity of the battery by increasing the size and other features, as well as support the slide to the property of reverse compatibility, Which enables owners of phones that have been using a chip Mini-SIM from using the new Micro-SIM chip back then.

This was not the first introduction to this segment, it was first launched in 2003, where ETSI was the first to develop this chip, which was that its small size was at the expense of performance, according to the head of smart card platform project – Smart Card Platform at ETSI then Dr. Klaus Vedder said that the company is working to improve the performance of the chip while maintaining its small size, and will end by February 2004.

However, for unknown reasons, the chip did not appear until the iPhone 4 back, six years after the company promised to introduce the new Micro SIM.

After the first official launch of the iPhone with Apple’s iPhone 4, it has become the official chip for many other phones manufactured by other companies such as Samsung, Huawei, Nokia and others. The Micro SIM is still used in many existing handsets On the scene.

The Nano-SIM chip

With the launch of the iPhone 5 in 2012, Apple launched the new volume, the latest that has become popular by the large proportion of smartphone users at the moment, it is a chip Nano-SIM.

The chip has been very small in size, and companies have since moved on to provide a chip-like port that can be inserted and rolled in a staircase. Since 2014, many companies other than Apple have been using the new Nano-SIM chip.

ESIM chip and changing the concept of communication chipset

After several years, there have been only volume changes with some minor additional features in each type of mobile phone chip. A new term known as eSIM or Embedded SIM, a reprogramable chip integrated into a mobile phone or smartphone, During which they change the communications network that they subscribe to by accessing a particular application that allows them to do so.

This chip first appeared in the Galaxy Gear S2 in 2016, but it did not resonate until it appeared in the hours of Apple Watch Series 3, and then appeared on the phones Pixel 2 from Google, which supported the technology through its project called Google FI, which will allow You can go to any network you want from your phone without manually inserting or removing the slide as long as the networks have signed the agreement that allows it with Google.

This was followed by Apple’s launch of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, which replaced the idea of receiving the phone for two pieces of material can be inserted and removed manually and another eSIM built-in processor that allows you to change the network connected if you want through the settings within the phone.

All you need to use eSIM is to have a phone that you have and to be in a well-covered location for one of the networks supporting this technology.

This is done through the application or through the phone settings or by activating your subscription to the different network through the Internet. For example, Google provided an application called FI on the Pixel 2 phones you can change the service provider through it, and the ability to change The provider has the highest coverage automatically in case the transmitter or receiver is lost anywhere to stay in touch permanently.

The new eSIM chip is even smaller than the current Nano-SIM chipset. This graph shows the size differences between the last four chips, showing the difference between the eSIM and Nano-SIM chips, which is about half, The Nano-SIM is 3.3 mm wide, but has the same thickness as the Nano-SIM.

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What benefits will you gain from using the eSIM chip?

The first is that you do not need to change the slide manually to change the network you’re connected to. All you need to do is access and change the settings from your device, just like in the case of Pixel 2 phones through the Google FI application or through the Default Line settings on phones Apple iPhone XS and others.

This segment will also save you a lot of money when you are outside your country. You will then activate the feature and receive the signal from the top companies in terms of coverage in the new country, which will not pay you to spend a lot of money on roaming calls, because you will use the local network where you will be .

The new eSIM chip will also affect smartphone sellers who offer you offers and require you to be involved in a telecommunications network offering. They will not be able to control you and will not be committed to anything because of your ability to change your network immediately without reference, which will eliminate this category of offers Which will force you to subscribe to what you may not want. You will even be able to move between the offers of the companies in the way you want and at the time you want without going to the distributors of the company and buy a new chip and re-engage with them again.

The design of the new eSIM chip, which depends on the intervention of the mobile phone manufacturer rather than the chip manufacturers, will also allow the smartphone manufacturers to control the size of the chip further, and its very small size will allow them to increase phone features such as increasing the battery capacity or closing all phone ports Infected by liquids.

You will also be free from the problems of slide damage or loss. The chip has become an integral part of the smartphone. Have you ever seen anyone lose the wizard or forget it in one place?

Difficulties and disadvantages of eSIM chip

In contrast, there are a number of disadvantages and difficulties in using the eSIM chip, but the advantage here is that you will not be affected much by the first flaw, which will eliminate the mobile phone manufacturers completely to be manufacturers of processors and central processors such as Qualcomm and the smart phone themselves are the owners of these Industry.

The second disadvantage is that this technology is not supported by the service providers at your place of residence. For example, not all UK carriers support eSIM, and only Vodafone Qatar, , The first supporting only the Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4 watches, which may be difficult to deploy and utilize in the Middle East several years ago.

The last defects are directly affecting you. Each time you decide to change your smartphone to another, you will need to go to the telecom company to connect the new phone to the old number, but I expect a solution to this problem soon, although I do not see it as a problem Compared to the features provided by this chip.


This was the most important aspect of the new and highly anticipated eSIM chip around the world. This segment, which will eliminate many of the disadvantages currently in the smartphone market, forces consumers to use a single chip for the duration of the line, Networking to another level is to provide maximum coverage to win your choice in remote locations instead of others.

In addition, you will be able to change your screen with a few clicks on the phone screen. The fear in the hearts of telecom operators will change them right away because it will not be as complicated as before, which will make them offer better services at lower prices. Also.

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