About Electarea

Electarea is a broker site between the seller and the purchaser where all the electronics products are available from laptops, computers, servers, TV and radio spare parts, etc.

We are working hard to provide the best product offerings from the site of eBay and put it on our members through our site and easy to buy the product of choice.

The site was established on the first day of January 2019 to be one of the best platforms on the Internet to view the electronic products from the site of eBay and selected for our valued customers.

We work hard to choose the best product for our customers in terms of price and quality and all this for the satisfaction of our valued customers.

Our site is an online platform that allows visitors to navigate and browse our products on the site with ease.

Read the topics and the latest news technology, software and the latest of the software and technology companies.

All this is through our website.

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Five – Star Support

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Quality and Warranty

Our reconditioned smartphones are guaranteed at least 6 months


No -Hassle Returns

We’ll take it back within the first 30 days – no questions asked


Socially Conscious

So far, we’ve helped change 20,000 lives through our partnership