15 years since the establishment of Facebook, between the strong start and successive failures

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Facebook celebrates its 15-year anniversary, which coincides with February 4, 2004, established by Mark Zuckerberg with several of his colleagues at Harvard University and is now the largest social networking site on the scene. During that long period, the site witnessed a lot of development from the name Thefacebook was passing through because of its development in its way of profit-making and its policy of privacy. Many changes have occurred over the past 15 years and many opinions have changed during that period between supporters and opponents of the site and to use it in the foundation, so we discuss with you today the most prominent marks in the history of Facebook and highlighted the controversial positions that occurred during the age of the site.

Facebook is founded

Sign in to Facebook when it was exclusive to Harvard students


The first appearance of Facebook, as we mentioned on February 4, 2004, was the result of the development of the founder Mark Zuckerberg and a group of colleagues at Harvard University under the name of thefacebook. Thefacebook was designed to create a community of Harvard students for social networking where the creation of accounts was exclusive to university students before other university students were allowed to create and join accounts. The capabilities of the site were very limited. You could search for your friends at the university as it developed to share photos and links in a primitive way compared to now, but it was a development on the site then.

The situation did not last as long as it did for a long time. It moved from its dormitory to Palo Alto, California, and quickly changed its name to facebook after considerable investment from several investors that enabled it to buy $ 200,000. The site continued to grow at a rapid pace as more investors sought to pump their money into the new experience until the site reached its global launch.

World Launch

Facebook’s world-wide registration interface, which has not changed to this day


On September 26, 2006, Facebook launched the global launch of Facebook, where the site allowed anyone 13 years old and more to join the site only by having an effective email account. Starting with a series of successes, Microsoft started buying 1.6% of the company’s shares for $ 240 million and continued with 100,000 pages for businesses and businesses to market their products and advertisements through the impact. By mid-2010, Daily user active about 34 minutes and the presence of 150 million of users of the phone version of the site or applications for phones then.

Control and influence

Facebook reaches 1 billion active monthly users


The period between 2011 and 2012 saw the beginning of the spread of Facebook with a huge increase in the ambitions of the company to reach a larger number of users, especially with the emergence of a number of competing sites, notably Twitter and Google Plus, but the popularity of Facebook glamor did not enable them to steal the spotlight, That period to reach a billion users a month, including 600 million users of the applications of the site for smart phones to end the period by the acquisition of Instagram.

Facebook’s politics spanned further expansion. In 2014, he managed to apply the famous $ 19 billion WhatsApp in a record deal. Facebook also sought expansion in other areas, notably virtual intelligence and enhanced reality, through Oculus Rift Which launched in 2015 by offering Facebook for its view of virtual reality.

The beginning of the failures

Facebook’s successful and inspiring journey continued until the end of 2015 when the charges began to go to the site about its continuing violation of privacy. The site’s ads started to rely on the information that the site and its various applications have gathered to give you the right ad for you. The end of this year and the beginning of 2016, the increase of ads targeted in a way that no one could imagine any search on your PC or on your smartphone you will find a declaration on it immediately after using Facebook, it came to track the movements of users and suggest friends who is no longer based on friends or places Work and study, but on the places you are hesitant to find people you have no contact with at the top of your list of suggested friends just because you are hesitant about the same places.

Data exploitation and US presidential elections

Facebook’s continued success in that period covered some of those persistent accusations while covering up the site for violating the privacy of its users behind the argument to improve the user experience and the conditions and policies of the site, which confirmed the collection of information, but only to improve the user experience. Although Facebook skipped those accusations, it suffered several painful blows that caused it to lose a lot. The first blow was the US election, which several reports indicated was indirectly used by the Russian government to mislead and direct voters and influence their views. The site’s response at the time was that it would fight the counterfeit news and accounts, and would take precautions to prevent the crisis from recurring.

Cambridge Analytica scandal

Investigate Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook at the US Congress


The previous failures were not minor failures, as happens with any other institution. However, the Cambridge Analytica scandal was and still is a milestone in the history of the site that established the concept of lack of security and privacy on the site. For those who do not know, on March 17, 2018, The Guardian and The New York Times published a report accusing Facebook that Cambridge Analytica was able to gather information and data from about 87 million users without their knowledge and without prior permission as Facebook disappeared. Was based on reliable documents and was based on several previous reports published from December 2015 with investigations continuing until the final report was published. Most of the users who were stolen from the United States of America, estimated at 70 million users to exploit the information later in the political campaigns wide, most notably the US election and the exit of Britain from the European Union. The scandal did not stop at the huge media uproar that occurred at the time, but spread to the campaign of DeleteFacebook, which demanded the closure of their accounts, which involved many of the world’s celebrities, it also extended that the founder of the site and the director of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, an investigation before the US Congress and Managed to escape from any legal liability but assured US lawmakers that they should keep their eyes on him.

Infusion of data of 30 million users

2018 was not the best in the history of Facebook. Only six months after the previous scandal, a new crisis over the leak of data for 30 million users has reappeared. In September, nearly 80 million users of the site noticed an exit from their smartphone-enabled account, which left a lot of confusion about the unusual event. Facebook explained that it had taken such a measure to ensure the integrity of user accounts following the discovery of a gap in the View As allowing hackers to capture data and information important to 30 million users within a period of 6 months, which prompted to log out of the accounts of all those who used this feature in smart phone applications.

Enable access to user messages

Facebook’s problems are not over in 2018, with a new blow to the year, as if the previous blows, not only of the reputation of the site but of Facebook’s profits and value, were not enough. A new report, but this time Facebook is a direct defendant not to default but to facilitate access to the conversations of its users. The report pointed out that Facebook has enabled several service systems, most notably broadcast services such as Netflix in 2015, to access user profiles, exploiting those data to direct advertisements about their interests, which users have complained about for more than three years.

Continue success or new failures?

Facebook now has 2 billion active monthly users and applications on various devices to stand alone from Twitter, which has only 300 million active monthly users, but with so many users still have a lot of doubts and bad reputation hovering around the site, Famous in overcoming these obstacles and continue its successes or that repeated scandals may turn to another way?

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